Hand-built Ceramics

These are all unique ceramic pieces designed and hand built by Robert Fathauer. If you would like to see a higher resolution image of any of the pieces please email us. If you are having a ceramic piece shipped outside the US, please email us for the shipping charge. More of Robert's ceramics can be seen at robertfathauer.com. Most of the pieces on that site that are not shown here can be purchased by contacting us via e-mail.


Marbled Möbius Band I
Ceramic Möbius strip made from marbled clay, with an approximate diameter of 6"(15 cm). Completed in 2021.


Marbled Möbius Band II
Ceramic Möbius strip made from marbled clay, with an approximate diameter of 6"(15 cm). Completed in 2021.


"Three Groovy Dodecahedra"
Set of three dodecahedra. The grooves on these dodecahedra illustrate relationships between the dodecahedron and other polyhedra; from left to right, the rhombic triacontahedron, the icosahedron, and the icosidodecahedron. Glazed cone 10 stoneware, made in 2012.


Möbius Rip
A Möbius strip with three half turns, cut in half along its length to become a trefoil (three-crossing) knot.


Favia Sphere
The surface of this sphere is covered with cells based on Favia coral. The shape and distribution of the cells is based on the (3,0) Goldberg polyhedron. The sculpture was completed in 2018 and measures approximately 5" in diameter.


Exponential Growth Ring
This form results from exponential growth from a circular-ring base. It's partly based on a collaboration with Dave Bachman using Grasshopper code he wrote. A number of plants and animals exhibit this general sort of growth. Approximate diameter 13".


This piece combines a ceramic polyhedral form with dried and cut reeds. The polyhedron, known as a pentagonal icositetrahedron, has an opening in each of its 24 faces. Reeds inserted in these holes connect each face to its five nearest neighbors. The reeds delineate the dual polyhedron, the snub cube, which has four square faces and 32 triangular faces. The ceramic portion of the sculpture measures 8" in diameter.


Torus Knot
(5,2) torus knot in unglazed black clay, approximately 5.5" in diameter.


"Dodecatom" is inspired by microorganisms such as diatoms and radiolarians. The sculpture was completed in 2017 and measures approximately 8" in diameter.


Sea Slug Form II
This sculpture, created in 2018, is inspired by lettuce sea slugs, exponential growth, and meanders. It measures approximately 7" across.


Plate with Lizard Tessellation
Plate with a strip tessellation of lizards. Measures 9" across.


Flatworm Form No. 3
This piece was inspired by polyclad flatworms and negative curvature. This surface was designed to maintain negative curvature everywhere, a hallmark of hyperbolic surfaces embedded in Euclidean three-dimensional space.


Developing Hilbert Curve
This growth form is based on a spatial development of a Hilbert curve through two iterations. It was inspired by a 3D print by Henry Segerman. Approximate diameter 7".


Fractal Growth Form
This developing growth form is based on a fractal curve and a fractal tiling of triangles. Approximately 8" across.


Large Möbius band
A relatively large glazed Möbius band. Approximately 5.5" in diameter.